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2007-04-28 21:05:33 by Turmeric

Yes, we know this is old news for existing members. And we know the rest of the server are farming him for lewtzors.


We worked REALLY hard to kill this f***er and frankly I want to shout about it a little.

I'll add in some screenies when I am at home but the coolest thing was the old boy never needed to take his juice halfway through proceedings. As an imba-lock I'd ordinarily take full credit for the kill, especially as there were 2 of us in the raid dot'ing, fearing and banishing. That however might be unfair to our rogues and warriors (and others?) who did some really, really good interrupting on the old fool. We were helped by not having to 9-man him as well, thanks to a tactical Soulstone on our Shaman. (Did I mention locks were imba?)

The positivity shown by the 2 Kara groups over the last few weeks as we regularly struggled to kill Aran embodies for me exactly the kind of spirit that Origin is all about. We'll never achieve firsts but if the learning curve on Aran is anything to go by, I for one am sure as hell gonna enjoy the journey.

So, old News for us, older news for everyone else, but god dammit it was cool!

Now.... Did someone say Nightbane...?

2007-04-21 13:32:09 by Turmeric

At the start of April 2007 a few of the members of the guild Knights of Aszune left that guild for various reasons, and started Origin.

We've spent the last few weeks taking stock and deciding what we want this guild to be about. We had to make sure that everybody had a common purpose and felt the same way about this game. We came up with the term 'Casual Raiders' to describe how we want to progress. This means we want to see end game content, but not at the expense of social lives or hours spent farming consumables but through dedication and persistence.

To this end, we are currently raiding Karazhan in 2 groups, clearing up to but not including the Shade of Aran at the moment. We're fully aware this isn't uber but frankly we'd rather get our members geared and experienced here before we start wasting time and effort in wiping in a 25 man instance. We are also working actively on all kinds of 5 man instances, and we have a reasonably co-operative core of members who will help others. We are not however the kind of people who will play your character for you and having the balls to set up your own runs when you want will work wonders here.

We raid different nights for different groups, raiding Tuesday, Sunday and Thursday for one group, and Friday, Sunday and Monday for the other. In the case of certain classes there is a voluntary rotation in place to ensure we all get to see the place.

Going forward, we hope to get all members Karazhan attuned, and start to clear that place regularly. When that happens, we can start to look to take on Gruul's lair and work on our attunements to Serpentshrine Cavern. We are maybe 6-8 weeks from considering that, assuming good progress though.

So... hopefully this gives you a better idea of who we are and why we are here.

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